The Cross is the Gift that
God made for his friends.
Cure d'Ars

Salvation is in the faith,
happiness in the hope.

Flowers of Calvary
The Cross is the gift
God made for His friends.
Cure d'Ars
Let us be attached to the Cross 
as ivy has the tree for its support.
The measure of our love 
is to love without measure.
St. Bernard
Come, all ye who seek a comfort for your pain, 
strength for your weakness, hope in your sins, 
come to the Cross of Jesus. ~ Abbe Perreyve  
Bouasse Jeune 4087

Note: In this graceful visual metaphor we see the flowering thorn branches, symbolic of the New Creation, forming the Greek letter Omega Ω : "I AM THE ALPHA AND THE OMEGA, THE BEGINING AND THE END. Revelation 22:13
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